The "Healthacross" Initiative

The "Healthacross" Initiative brings together all of Lower Austria's international and cross-border health activities under one roof. Through innovative projects and international cooperation, Lower Austria has positioned itself as a health region in Europe.

Lower Austria plays a leading role in cross-border cooperation in the health care sector. It is the only federal state with a recognisable long-term strategy for health in the European border area. It was also the first federal state in Austria to be recognised as a model region by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2017.

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Our goals

  • To establish Lower Austria as a health region and build links with other regions in Europe
  • To create and ensure long-term international cooperation in the health care sector
  • To be the interface for the cross-border exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge in Europe
  • To improve local health care services for citizens in the border region